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IT Consulting

Through an integrated approach to providing technical consulting services, our company combines issues of strategic organization and technology through integrated solutions...


Business computerization

The management of your customers, your staff and your accounting can create a "headache" in your business but...


Catering Programs (ordering)

The conditions in the Restaurant, for a cafe, bar, restaurant are almost never ideal. You definitely need a reliable partner with solid solutions and...


Printing systems

Whatever the printing needs of your office and as demanding as they are, we have a quick and flexible solution for you either by purchase or by rent. Now it is easy to obtain...


Call centers

Today, technological developments in the telecommunications sector have led to the creation of new products and services that offer significant benefits to businesses in areas such as...


Networks & Security

The function of a network is to connect computers and peripherals. For the proper functioning of a corporate network you require the existence of structured cabling with the condition...


Servers & Backups

The Server, or server in its simplest form, is a high-performance computer that runs the appropriate software to serve users connected to it for a specific purpose. In all networks that require...


Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is the latest important development in the field of Information Technology and the revolution in technology that it brought led to a situation common to all innovations and all ...


Maintenance & Support (contract)

Our company provides advanced services for the maintenance and support of information systems and network infrastructures. The existence of a contract...


Closed monitoring circuits

Our company is active in the field of digital CCTV systems. The security of outdoor areas and facilities lies in in the prevention and avoidance of injuries dangers and criminal acts or vandalism...


Digital signature solutions

Our company undertakes all the procedures, in their entirety (instructions for issuing a digital signature - Usb token) in order to successfully install and properly operate the digital signature...


Business Hardware Infrastructure Support

Every business for the execution of all production processes, its communication and its security, depends on the functionality of the information systems....


Complete Backup Solutions (In House & Cloud)

Cloud technology was built with the logic of security and smooth operation...

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