Servers & Backups

The Server, or server in its simplest form, is a high-performance computer that runs the appropriate software to serve users connected to it for a specific purpose.
In all networks that require security between users and the sharing of shared resources or applications, the existence of a Server is a prerequisite, the selection of the appropriate Server is a very important part in order to avoid unnecessary costs and to select the appropriate equipment based on needs of each customer.
Having a Server offers a range of services such as Remotely Secure User Access (VPN), sharing device and application folders (eg Erp – printers, scanners, etc.), setting and enforcing security policies, etc. This increases the level of network security and the uninterrupted operation of the users.

Our company, realizing the importance of the availability of your information systems, offers complete business continuity solutions (Encrypted Backup & Recovery Solutions) in cases where the operation of your information systems is interrupted due to natural or other disasters. Your files are one of the most important parts of your company. If they are lost, the time and effort required to recover them is equivalent to a lot of money, which you may not be able to spend. The solutions we provide are reliable, branded companies and vary depending on the needs of each customer, identified in Natural Storage Media & Cloud ( Nas storage – RDX – Azure – Google ) . In any case, the choice of medium is essential for a more secure backup. The appropriate choice depends on the volume of the data we want to preserve, and their importance.

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